Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We're Here!!!

I can't believe it's happened, we've arrived in Guatemala to stay!!! We've been here for a little more than two weeks now and it still feels surreal but I know that before long it will be feeling like home. It's been so humbling to see God's faithfulness in everything that has gotten us to where we are. From all the tiniest of details that God has taken care of, to the huge life change this is going to be. Every detail that brought us here shouts of God's faithfulness and intimate involvement in our lives. It seemed so impossible to be able to get here in such a short time. It was such a walk of faith for us and at times I hate to admit we doubted if we were being lead by the Lord, but God in all His faithfulness was so gentle with us each time we needed a reminder that it was Him who was directing, and that we just needed to continue to trust. For example just a week before we were supposed to leave we were getting worried because we hadn't sold Andrew's truck yet and we didn't have enough money to leave without selling it so we called Mike and told him we would probably have to change our tickets because we hadn't even had anyone call on it or anything, he told us that if we could, we should wait at least a few more days. The very next day two people called on it and not only were they living in the same town that Andrew was working in but it also sold that day. We felt so faithless for not just trusting but it was such a good lesson to us of having steadfast faith. There were so many things like this that happened, another was on our way here. We were at the airport and the attendant was weighing everyone's bags and carryons before they got to the ticket counter. Now we had brought the very max in our checked bags they were all exactly 50 pounds each but we were worried about our carryons anyways because they were all way over but we couldn't repack them in our suitcases because there was no room, and we didn't have any extra money to pay to check them. As we were waiting in line we were so worried and so we prayed "Lord you can do anything even change a scale or the weight of a bag; and you've gotten us this far we know you'll take care of us." We really just gave it to the Lord. Now people in front of us were getting upset because they were having to pay extra and the attendant seemed very upset and annoyed with everyone. But when it was our turn her whole demeanor changed and she not only didn't weigh our carryons but she helped us carry everything to the ticket counter wishing us a great flight, at this point Andrew and I are both stunned we can't believe what's happened. Then the ticket guy proceeds to tell us they over booked so they have to transfer us to another airline and we not only arrive in Guatemala earlier but it's also a non-stop flight. He then tells us that for our trouble they're going to give us $400 in ticket vouchers. We couldn't believe it!

These things might not seem like very big deals but to us it seemed like God Himself was telling us once again that we were following Him and even though ultimately we were stepping out in faith and we need to be trusting Him regardless of our circumstances, He was making it abundantly clear that He cares about all the little things and that we were hearing Him.

I also want to thank all of you who held us up in prayer and continually confirmed that we were headed in the right direction; as well as allowing God to use you financially to get us here, we couldn't be here without your obedience and we want you to know we are so very grateful to you!! It's so amazing to be here living the dream that God placed in our hearts.

As for what it looks like to be here we've been adjusting and trying to find our niche. Andrew immediately jumped in and fits in so naturally. I'm continually blown away by the man of God he is and also what a good leader he is. So much of what we've been doing since we've gotten here has been working with the staff, helping to develop some order. We've been faced with several situations that have required confrontation and discernment and God has been so faithful to give Andrew wisdom on how to handle each situation with such grace and humility.

A few days ago Ron (the director and founder of Pray America) found out that his son had a relapse of cancer and had to fly back to Michigan to be with him. Then Mike and Karyl (Ron's son and daughter-in-law) who had planned on being here to help run things also had to return to Michigan to be with him as well. So here we are two and a half weeks in and left in charge. It's so reassuring to think that God knew that all this was going to happen, and when we were worrying about getting everything worked out to get here God had it already planned out because He knew we needed to be here for this time. And no matter how scary and nerve racking it is to be faced with such responsibility it's also such a building block in our faith because we can plainly see God going before us putting together the details of what's to come. So, this is just the beginning and we're so excited about how this journey is going to ensue; and we love that all of you are a part of it!