Monday, January 26, 2009

We're going to Guatemala!

We're so humbled and amazed to be sharing our story with you all. God has been working on our hearts for such a long time, and has taken us through so much to bring us to where we are today. We've both been so blessed to experience in such a small way the burden that's on God's heart for those in need. We feel so moved and called to work with those who are crying out for the hand of Jesus, and are amazed that God has opened a door for us to do just that. Through a series of incredible events God has made it beautifully clear to us that we're to work with a ministry called Pray America ( or Manos de Jesus (in Guatemala). The ministry is located in the mayan town of Chichicastenango, and to give you a little background, Pray America was founded by a man named Ron Morin who has been serving in Guatemala for the past 15 years. We immediately connected with his heart and the heart of the ministry, which is to serve widows and orphans in need. When we had the opprotunity to visit we were astonished by what this ministry is accomplishing, every week over 1000 children are fed, and over 300 widow houses have been built. Most recently a large property was bought (wonderfully without debt) with the intentions of building homes for children with a variety of needs, the dreams and visions extend to a haven and refuge for special needs children, healing and restoration for girls who have been victimized by abuse of all kinds, medical clinic, and homes that would encourage the restoration of families in the community. Also to supply clean water to the community through a water filtration process providing clean safe water to Chichicastenango and surrounding communities. The heart behind every existing part of the ministy and every part that's still in progress is to be a light and Jesus' hand extended to the very dark town of Chichicastenango.

What we've been asked to help with immediately is just general oversight. And our first personal project will be to go into the homes of the community and for around three hundred dollars provide a sanitary toilet, a water filtration system, giving them clean, safe water, and a stove that burns about seventy percent less wood then their typical adobe stoves do. We're thrilled about this amazing opprotunity to immediately begin building relationships with those in the community, and to help in a very tangible way.

The long term vision for us, something that has burned on our hearts since before we were even married, is the rescue and restoration of exploited young girls and women (from what we've read over sixty percent of girls in Guatemalal have been sexually mistreated). Believing with God that His plans for their precious lives is beauty where there has been ashes, redemption where there has been bondage, healing where there are deep wounds, and we simply want to get inline with His hand at work. The ministry of Pray America has invited to join with us, uniting with our passion, a passion we believe was placed on our hearts by God and we're believing Him for a powerful ministry of redeeming innocence in Guatemala!!!

Pray America has asked us to believe God with them that we could move to Guatemala and plug in with the minsitry by April or May of this year, we know how daunting this could be, but also know that with God nothing is impossible, nothing, not the financial support, not the transition we will be making from one country to another and not the light we are praying we will be in a dark community that is crying out for the light of Jesus Christ to shine.
Andrew and Hannah Scott